Posted on 2014-09-19 16:17:36 by Status Updater

All uses are now able to log into SOGo. All other major services offered by CTS are working as intended.

Posted on 2014-09-19 14:08:49 by Status Updater

A critical piece of technology needs to be rebooted. Some additional login services will be affected as well as possibly a short time where internet sites will not resolve. The outage is expected to be very brief.

Posted on 2014-09-19 13:10:50 by Status Updater

SOGo is experiencing login issues at this time. CTS is aware of the issue and looking into it.

Posted on 2014-09-18 13:14:46 by Status Updater

Our Internet connection is back up. We will continue to monitor it.

Posted on 2014-09-18 13:04:07 by Status Updater

The campus’ Internet connection is down for reasons as yet undetermined. We are investigating.

Posted on 2014-09-08 10:20:39 by Status Updater

WiFi services have been restored.

Posted on 2014-09-08 10:11:03 by Status Updater

There is a problem with our Admin WiFi network. Technicians are investigating. The “W@SP” wifi network may not be available in your area until it is fixed.

Posted on 2014-09-05 16:45:11 by Status Updater

Our authentication system has been restored. Users should be able to log into any services requiring a CCA.

Posted on 2014-09-05 15:50:37 by Status Updater

Our Authentication System (LDAP) is experiencing issues. Technicians are aware and on site troubleshooting the issue. This means any service requiring CCA authorization will be unavailable until further notice. (Moodle, Bearpaws, Email…)

Posted on 2014-09-03 11:04:58 by Status Updater

The Academic License Server for SPSS maintained by SUNY will be undergoing maintenance and will be unavailable on Wednesday, September 17, 2014 from 6:00 A. M. until 7:00 A. M.

SPSS users will not be able to launch SPSS during this maintenance window. If you have SPSS open when maintenance begins, you will likely be forced to quit SPSS.