Welcome to the SUNY Potsdam Blogs!

What are blogs?

Weblogs, or simply ‘blogs’, are a popular tool used by people or organizations to share information with others. A blog is roughly analogous to a journal, a journal that you allow anyone to read. A great feature of blogs is that they allow you to incorporate various digital resources, such as photos, video, and audio into posts. In addition, readers can comment on entries and carry out discussions on the post topics.

What blogging package is used for the SUNY Potsdam Blogs?

We are using a flavor of WordPress suited for large institutions. If you are familiar with WordPress, either through WordPress.com or a personal instance of WordPress, you will see no difference in the interface.

Who is eligible to get a blog?

Faculty, staff, & departments are eligible for a blog on the official blog system. Currently, students are not yet able to obtain blogs.

How do I get a blog?

If you are interested in obtaining an official SUNY Potsdam blog, then e-mail blogmaster@potsdam.edu

Can I change how the blog looks?

Currently all official blogs must use the official SUNY Potsdam theme.

Can I request more than one blog?

Sure! If you have multiple organizations/topics that are best served by separate blogs that isn’t a problem.