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Thursday, February 19th, 2009

The supporting services are amazing at SUNY Potsdam. I have gone to career planning to have them help me with my resume. Not only did they help me set up my resume they offered to do a practice interview. I learned a lot and had a ton of fun while working with one of the advisers. At career planning they have endless resources for the job search. The Career Planning Office is not the only place for help with this kind of thing. After I drafted my resume, I sent it to several department heads and had them review it. I got amazing feedback and in a very timely manner. It was wonderful!

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

So, I have decided Becky’s Place [the newest eatery on campus] is now my favorite place to eat on campus.  Why you ask? ……. this was my second week of indulging on the Wednesday Pizza Special ~ Buffalo Chicken Pizza.  I love, love buffalo chicken anything.  Hands down this is the best pizza I’ve had with my favorite crave.  It has just enough spice and a little ranch dressing in the sauce to make it divine.  The woman that works the pizza counter is uber friendly and loves working at Becky’s Place.  It just makes the whole dining experience that much more enjoyable.

Previously,  Lehman the All You Can Eat eatery on campus was my pick for best place to eat on campus.  It still is a great place to eat, especially if you are nervous to try something new.  If you don’t like it you can go back and get something else for no extra charge. For example, I was a tofu virgin before dining at Lehman.  My verdict is it is not for me, but thanks for the taste.  Lehman will remain my favorite place for “treats” because of the ultimate never to disappoint you dessert bar.

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Bear Pride Night


Tom Nesbitt

Last weekend was Bear Pride Weekend at SUNY Potsdam. As I said in my last BLOG, it is always a good time and a chance to catch up with many Alumni. This year did not disappoint as the gym was packed for basketball and it was standing room only in the Hockey rink. When all was said and done on Friday night, the Bears were 3-o and Potsdam was jumping!

A lot of effort goes into making this event happen. People like Julie Dold and Annette Robbins and Ruth Policella coordinate the spirit portion of the event and arrange for big prizes for groups to show their spirit. In Alumni, Sherry Paradis does a great job involving those who return with all of the events on campus. Bill Mitchell in Athletics coordinates all kinds of contests and works with sponsors so our fans can have a great time. Me, I get a front row seat in Jerry Welsh Gymnasium and just take it all in.

Time Warner was on campus and did a great job taping Basketball where both our Men and Women came out victorious against the Cardinals of Plattsburgh State. If you get a chance, and have Time Warner, go to Time Warner on Demand and see if you can catch the action… it was a lot of fun!

While the Men’s Basketball team was warming up a new student who just entered in January came over to me and handed me his cell phone. On the other end was Jay Lang. Jay is a graduate who scored more than 1000 points in a Bear uniform. He has the sweetest shot from three point land and is as quick as I have seen in Division III basketball. He wanted to call to check in, let me know he wished he was at the game and to tell me to take care of the young man who gave me the phone. He also had to poke a little fun at me for my three point basket comments that I routinely make on the PA for the games.

Jay is a class act. He has taken what he learned at SUNY Potsdam and put it to great use in the real world. He works in NYC serving kids so they may have the opportunity to be successful. He volunteers at the YMCA to teach lessons on the court that will apply in and out of the gym. He also gives back to SUNY Potsdam by assisting us at college fairs where he tells students about the opportunities that exist here.

I saw many people that night and had a fantastic time. Between 50/50 raffles and a trip give away to Florida, a chance to win a new car and seeing all of the community getting behind SUNY Potsdam, I left the gym proud to be a small part of it all. This is a great place.

And then my thoughts went back to Jay… he lived the dream up here and is now working every day so that other students can follow in his footsteps. His mission is to get them to understand that they can do anything they want with their lives. He is only one man but he is doing great things. Bear Pride… absolutely! With alumni like Jay Lang, we have a lot to be proud of!

Until next time…

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

From the moment I walked onto campus I knew that SUNY Potsdam was the place for me. The people at SUNY Potsdam are just amazing, they hold doors, they say hello, and aren’t even afraid to be their self! As a communications major I get the chance to do things in my field, therefore after I graduate in May, I know that I will be ready for the real world. I wouldn’t have that feeling of readiness, without the amazing professors. All of the professors I have come in contact with have been more than helpful. When I graduate, I will not only have an amazing knowledge base, I will also have amazing friendships. The friends that I have met while at college will never be forgotten. I know that I will be staying in contact with professors after I graduate as well. While learning a TON in the class room, I also learned a lot outside the class room as well. From being involved with student groups, student employment, and just living on campus, I have learned so many life lessons. I really feel that I have been taught the overall learning package. I’m confident in leaving the school and going into the
work force and also being able to live life to the fullest and the best I can.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Now that the semester is back underway and the activities on campus are really picking up, I find my self having too many things to do. I’ll say it… I love the winter in the North Country. I’ve often told friends as well as people who visit our community that there is more to do here during the winter months than any other time of the year. There always seems to be a game, a show, an activity or someone who wants to get together.

Last night alone there were at least three opportunities to do something and that was just on campus. In the end though, I had a nice dinner with my wife partly because we wanted to relax. That said, with a presentation to do at the Greek Leadership Conference and handling the PA chores at tonight’s home basketball games I figured I had better not push my luck… that poker tournament on campus did sound like fun and the concert at Crane, well let’s just say you can’t find much better anywhere.

Next weekend is Bear Pride Weekend and it will be a lot of fun. For the second year in a row the Athletic Department will be giving a car away during the basketball game. At the same time, they are doing a drawing for an all expense paid trip to Florida! It is always nice to reconnect with alumni during the weekend and Student Affairs rounds out all of the athletic contests with several activities each night!

When we go on the road to recruit students many people seem fixated with the cold and snow. I have even seen some admissions publications that compare snowfall totals with the towns of the schools they are competing with. Me, I’ll take a cold day in the North Country over a damp day in NYC any day! The weather up here is a huge positive. It brings people together and provides many opportunities for indoor and outdoor fun. It also gives everyone who lives here an instant way to connect with each other through discussing how cold it got or how much snow we have compared to other areas.

I grew up in Saranac Lake where we celebrated the winter every year. In a village that is mentioned several times annually on the national news for being the cold spot in the nation, the people hold a Winter Carnival that literally attracts thousands a year! For ten or so days and nights in the middle of February Saranac Lake is the place to be. There are dozens of events each day, an Ice Castle is built for all to enjoy, fireworks and a huge parade! Ask anyone who has been there for Winter Carnival and they will tell you… the weather may be cold and the snow may be deep but it is still one of the warmest places you will ever find.

People make the North Country a special place to live. My wife and I have left three times to either go to school or advance in our careers. Each time we found ourselves looking for ways to come home…and that is where we are…home! Until next time…

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

This a has been a great week to enjoy all that the Potsdam area has to offer. We had several snowstorms this week. While many were grumbling about the snow I am silently screaming in my head YIPPEEEEEEEE. I love the snow. When its snowing it isn’t as cold and it means many opportunities for fun winter activities such as snowshoeing and cross country skiing.  Ice climbing [similar to rocking climbing] and ice fishing are other fun winter activities.   While neither of these are indulgences of mine they are winter hobbies of the north country residents and some of our students.

This is also the time of year when many of the little towns in the area are hosting winter fests. Winter fests include events like chili cook offs, snowshoe softball, dinner theatre, comedy theatre, wagon/sleigh rides, polar bear golf and more.  I recommend checking out the Winter Carnival in Saranac Lake.  Just a few minutes from Lake Placid, at this carnival you can see Nascar race drivers piloting specially made bobsleds down Lake Placid’s track.

On campus the students are enjoying many winter activities such as Snow Ball, Disco Ice Skate, Broom Ball, Skiing, Night Skiing,  Snow Boarding and Tubing at Titus Mountain and more.

Come visit us soon and join in the winter fun.