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Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Road Trip

Tom Nesbitt

It is always good to get out on the road and talk to families about SUNY Potsdam. While our students are out on Spring Break, the Admissions Office heads out to all corners of the state to talk to bring a piece of SUNY Potsdam to wherever they live. We all start talking about this trip in January… it is truly a highlight of the spring semester. We get to connect with our students where they live, alumni come out to talk about their experiences and other administrators come out to see what it is like to run with the Admissions staff. We even have parents of present students who come to talk about their impression of the services Potsdam offers.

As I write this I am sitting in my room in NYC listening a little Savage… gotta love Genius on I Tunes… just put one song in, in this case Get Up by 50 Cent and they take all of your music and come up with the perfect mix. My eight years of handling the PA chores for our Men’s and Women’s teams have made me appreciate the creativity of hip hop and I enjoy listening to it… even though Kelly Crosbie, who works in the office next to me would tell you that Linkin Park and Paramore are among my recent favorites. I just love music… all of it!

We head to White Plains later today for our last reception. We had nice crowds in Melville on Long Island and last night at the College of Optometry in Manhattan. We see so many people and they all have so many questions about Potsdam. How long does it take to get there and How cold is it are usually the first two that come up. We embrace our distance from this area of the state… close enough to get home if you need to, far enough away to be anything but ordinary. As for the cold, I’ll take the cold of Potsdam over what they have down here any day. At home we layer and we are fine. Down here, I’ve been walking the streets of NYC on a 30 degree day and the damp wind just cuts right through me.

Did you know time…? SUNY Potsdam brings in almost 25% of our fall class from LI, the five boroughs and the Westchester/Lower Hudson Valley region! We always meet so many great people on this trip…far too many to single people out but suffice to say that most leave our receptions feeling a piece of what the real Potsdam is all about and we leave appreciating all that is good with this generation of students! Just last night we had prospect who wants to be the next Tyra Banks, another who wants to give back to the community by becoming a Physics teacher and another whose music teacher drove him to his audition so he could apply for admission to the Crane School of Music… he passed and will hopefully be on campus this Fall playing the French Horn at the opening concert.

After the reception last night H, Heather Scott, who is our NYC territory manager, made reservations at Bond 45 for dinner… she has been talking about it for months. It was, in a word, amazing… great service, tons of options and the food was, well, amazing! The thing I like about the restaurants in NYC is that they don’t try to run you out after your meal is complete… it is part of the dining experience… we sat around talking about many topics until after 11 pm! As the four of us were leaving there were still people coming in… the city that never sleeps! Props to H for a great choice… we have to go back next year!

Even though we have fun on this trip, I am looking forward to getting home. You can take the boy out of the North Country but you can’t take the North Country out of the boy! There is so much to do in the office and, well, I miss the family… this week is actually kind of funny…I come home on Friday and my wife will be on the road to Toronto for a Tourism trade show. What can I say, they love us in Canada as a destination and since she coordinates tourism for the county we live in, she will be spending her weekend talking about waterfalls, trails, fishing and golf. Oh well, at least the puppy will be there and happy to see me!

Until next time thanks for reading my random thoughts and observations! Shop Boyz on I Tunes… gotta love Party like a Rock Star!

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

March Madness

Tom Nesbitt

The month of March represents an exciting period of transition on campus. Spring Fever sets in creating optimism for all things. There are vacations to look forward to, the NCAA creates madness throughout the country, over half of the semester is complete, more events are occurring outside, cold and flu season is winding down and it is only a matter of time before graduation will be upon us.

I often think about how fortunate I am to work at SUNY Potsdam. I get to work with great students in my class, great people in the admissions office and around campus and be a part of an incredible community. In the madness that is the economy with all of the projections that we will have to do more with less, I have faith that we will rise to the challenge and emerge as a stronger university. This community has always put people first and our strength lies in the belief that we all exist to serve each other.

Fresh off of our first Decision Day for accepted students I can say with confidence that SUNY Potsdam is heading in the right direction. While families are impressed with our academic programs and services the most common comment I received was how we seem to value the individual. Parents and students talked about how they felt like they were a part of our community while also feeling that we respected their want/need to be their own person. In the madness of cookie cutter homes, hallways filled with students wearing the same clothing and sneakers and a Starbucks on every corner, SUNY Potsdam is an eclectic community that values differences. We are different.

March will soon be a memory but not before we interview the seventeen finalists for our Mt. Emmons scholarships, host an overnight visitation and head out to all corners of the state for SUNY Potsdam information night receptions. I’ll be at the events on Long Island, NYC and in Westchester. You can sign up for these events on the admissions events page. Stop by and say hello. Until next time I’ll leave you with the memory of my March madman… Internship Coordinator Toby White, also my golf partner, has already been to the course to hit balls… did I mention the snow is gone!