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Every year during the first few weeks of classes I have a major case of nostalgia.  The students are back [which I love] so the campus energy is high and optimistic.  I still remember my first few weeks of classes the mix of emotions – excited, scared, anxious, overwhelmed, energetic, etc.  The Admissions staff recently met with the Politics Dept [my dept] in my old advisor’s office.  Talk about nostalgic … I was having flashbacks of conversations, strategizing with my advisor over my course selection, talking about goals and interests.  I begin to realize how much has changed since those days.  How much I developed, grown and utilized my education from the Politics department and GASP not even in the Politics arena.  I still feel lucky to be an alum of the department.

Not only is this time of year my favorite on campus, I love it off campus too.  The leaves are starting to change and hiking season is at its peak for me.  I love taking in the scenery during this time of year.  One of my favorite hike locations is about 20 minutes from campus.  I call it Browns Bridge see some of the pictures below.

Watefalls at Brown's BridgeBrown Bridge's Thunder HeartBrown's Bridge Hiking TrailHard Core Hiking at Brown's BridgeView at Brown's Bridge

If you haven’t been to campus in awhile or are planning a trip to visit for the first time this is the time of year to do it.  We hope to see you on campus soon!!  This is just one view during the trip up to campus.

Travel to Pdam

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