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Tom Nesbitt, Director of Admissions

When I woke up this morning, I had to remind myself that it was only Tuesday.  With many schools closed yesterday for the holiday and some even closing for the week, this is traditionally a very busy week in the world of college admissions.

We have a sign outside our office to welcome families in for their visit… on a normal day, we can list visitors and their home towns… on a busy day, we just list the student’s names… during this week, we are reduced to a list that you need a magnifying glass to read!

It is exciting for the whole staff as we never know who we will interview next.  Some families use this week as a starting point for their search in the sophomore or junior year… some deadline challenged seniors have yet to apply and are just starting to think about where to go… many students are already accepted and are making their final decisions and some are here for the third or fourth time just to make sure.  No matter the status, we need to be prepared to give each student what they need to move to the next part of our process.

The best part of the week for us comes by way of the information families share with us.  Your stories make our day and your willingness to allow us to assist you reminds us all why we work in this profession.  And sometimes we even get to feel how small the world is when one staff member meets with a family who knows someone else on the staff.  I was reminded of that today and had a great chat/lunch with Todd, Paula and Jennifer.

Winter sports season is starting to wind down… last home games will be this weekend for the Bears.  We will get a chance to honor our seniors and make a final push for playoff seeding.  Speaking of sports, I love watching the Olympics… being on the West Coast this year, I’m a little sleep deprived but have enjoyed the coverage thus far.  It is also nice to live in this area as we get the Canadian coverage as well… at times, you can fine four channels of Olympic coverage.  What began as a sad reminder of just how fragile life is, the games have pressed on and honored the competitive spirit of those who push themselves to the edge every day.

I like to look for the athlete who had their defining moment at every Olympics… not that they won a medal but that they put in a performance the defined the character of all that athletes can and should be.  For me, Bill Demong put in that performance on Sunday during the Nordic Combined event.  Twenty Fourth after the jump, Bill had to start 1:20 after the leaders in the Cross Country portion of the event and he ended up in 6th place finishing with the lead pack.  While most will tell you that Jonny Spillane winning the silver medal, first ever for the USA in the Nordic Combined Olympic event, was the real story, I’d like to think that Bill’s leadership and perseverance gave Jonny a little extra boost on his way to winning the medal… after all, Bill did spend some time in the lead pack jockeying for position until the final sprint took place.

To place a local twist on my story, Bill is from the Saranac Lake area and his mom is a graduate of the Crane School of Music… she actually was my music teacher in Elementary school and was responsible for teaching me how to sing… but please don’t hold that against her!

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