Posted on Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 at 5:29 pm under Events

Brian, Class of 2012

This weekend marked a nice opportunity for those of us on the Ultimate Frisbee team. We participate in roughly 4 tournaments each semester, and most tournaments are held a long driving distance away from Potsdam (sometimes as close as Plattsburgh, sometimes as far away as Wilkes-Barre, PA). But this weekend Clarkson University was hosting a tournament. Seeing that Clarkson is just across the river from SUNY Potsdam, this gave us a nice change, as we were able to wake up in our own beds and make the five-minute trip across town. No sleeping on freezing basement floors! No six-hour van rides with 11 other sweaty people!

The tournament was spread over two days, where Saturday consists of pool games and Sunday makes up the tournament round (your record at the end of the first day determines your seeding for the second). We played very well the first day, going 3-1 and beating some very high-caliber teams. This gave us a pretty high seed for tournament play, but we unfortunately lost to a club team from Boston in the first round of the tournament. Regardless, we were all very pleased with our performance. To put it in perspective, our team has only been in existence for four semesters and I feel that we have come a very long way and made a lot of progress.

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