Posted on Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 at 4:12 pm under Events

Brian, Class of 2012

The past couple of weeks marked some pretty exciting events and changes up here in Potsdam. The first day of spring officially came (although we didn’t seem to get that memo; we’ve been alternating between cold and rainy and warm and sunny for the past 2 weeks). Also, this past Friday night was our annual Relay for Life event. Relay is a huge program that is held throughout the U.S. and the world as a fundraising event to support cancer research and prevention. Participants are organized into fundraising teams, and then gather sponsors who support them with donations. Each team spends an entire night walking the track at the event (in our case, 8PM to 8AM) to represent their group.

Relay for Life is probably the biggest event on our campus. Last year, we filled the field house with participants and easily surpassed the goal of raising $50,000. Today when I was in the Union, I saw a sign showing total contributions so far, and the total is close to $37,000. I think there is a good chance that SUNY Potsdam could surpass its total from last year. Relay is a great event and I know that its organizers put forth a lot of effort in order to make it happen. They deserve a lot of thanks!

Last week was very busy for me; after getting back from the GSA conference in Baltimore (see previous blog) on Tuesday, I had Wednesday to catch up on what I had missed. Then after that I had a geology test on Thursday, followed by an anthropology test and another geology test on Friday. I spent a lot of time in the library, but once tests like that are behind you, it is a great feeling. We also had a very successful admissions open house on the 20th.

I’ll keep you posted on our Relay contributions!

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