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Tom Nesbitt, Director of Admissions

Wow… time flies!  It seems like yesterday was the start of the spring semester and here we are just six weeks from finals and graduation!  Spring took on a whole new meaning this past weekend with an 86 degree high temperature on Saturday. The trees are budding and even the flowers are coming up!

On campus there are seemingly endless numbers of events to attend and the Admissions Office is getting ready for final decisions by hosting events on campus for students and school counselors.  Our students are busy winning awards, presenting at conferences with faculty, studying abroad, student teaching or working at an internship, getting ready for final projects and finals.

There is always so much life on a college campus… even more so during the late spring.  I can’t even imagine how our President keeps up as I know I even get double booked in April and May.

A few highlights at Potsdam have to include the Bearstock on April 10th, BSA’s Talent Show on April 16th, Crane Contemporary Music Ensemble on April 20th, Campus Festival: Footprints in the North Country, Pathways on the Planet between April 21st and 24th, and Sunburn Softball on April 24th.  Check out the events list on the web site to begin to get an idea of all we have going on here.

Congratulations to Nathan LaRowe, SUNY Potsdam diver, who recently won the National Championship in Men’s one meter competition!  He also finished 3rd in the three meter.  Congratulations to the Potsdam Pointercounts for making it to the regional a cappella competition… although they did not win, they did pick up the best vocal performance award and did us proud!  Senior Nathan Lewis was featured as an extra in the movie Green Zone with Matt Damon.  An Iraq war veteran, Nathan took time off from Potsdam to act in the film.  He is now doing his student teaching in Rochester to complete his degree.  Speaking of acting… congratulations to our Theatre department for gaining state approval for a new Theatre Education program… a first in New York!

So much going on… funny thing is, everything mentioned above has happened within the last three weeks or will happen within the next three weeks!  Keep up with our news and events at

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