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Derek Pooley

One of my favorite spring songs is entitled, “First Spring Day” by Suburban Tribe.  Here’s the lyrics!

“Early morning’s bright sun shine
It seems a bit different today
Open the window
hear the seagulls
spring is finally here
Feel the warm breath of wind
caressing my face in the light
Fill my lungs and taste the air
spring is finally here
After the winter sleep
after the darkness so deep
people gathering to the streets
to welcome the first spring day
Welcome the first spring day
farewell to winter’s shades of grey
a toast with few words to say
to welcome the first spring day
Smell the ocean from a distance
I can picture the shimmering white sand
Ice and snow are barely melting
spring is finally here”

The students at SUNY Potsdam really enjoy spring!  Not only is it the sign of summer, it’s also the sign of suntans, boating, hiking, nightly walks, frisbee, intramurals, BBQs, outdoor concerts, and soo much more!  I love spring at SUNY Potsdam.  It’s great seeing that sun smiling at us with some warmth!

Don’t forget to check us out on YouTube!!!  (TheSUNYPotsdam)  There are some GREAT videos there, including a video of one of my favorite things on campus…the cardboard Duct Tape Boat Race!

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