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Friday, June 11th, 2010

Derek, Admissions Counselor

Losing touch with friends from home is one of the biggest fears among first year students coming to SUNY Potsdam.   Totally understandable, right?  When I left high school, I was worried about the same thing.  But it shouldn’t have been a worry of mine at all!

One of the best memories I had from my freshman year at SUNY Potsdam was when my best friend from home came up to visit!  It was so fun for me to have her meet all of my “Potsdam Friends”.  We had a blast!  My “Potsdam Friends” loved her, and she loved my Potsdam Friends.  We did EVERYTHING so she could get to know my new surroundings!!!!  We went out to dinner, hiking, went on a canoe and even had time to sleep as well!

It was so cool for me to have a piece of my hometown in Potsdam and just as cool to send my best friend back with a little piece of Potsdam.  It was really neat to bring both places together!  Going away to college does not have to be synonymous with leaving your childhood friends behind.  Invite them to Potsdam or go visit them.  It will work if you want it to.  Trust me!