Posted on Monday, July 12th, 2010 at 1:09 pm under Events

What a 2 weeks!  I was the Housing Director for the 2010 Crane Youth Music Camp!  2 weeks ago, 350 campers moved into our Residence Halls and started their first day of camp.  The campers were very busy people and had a blast!

Some of my favorite things:

–          The nightly concerts!  It was just great seeing the campers, community members, professors and counselors perform!!!! I loved the performances and the fact that the concert halls are air conditioned:)

–          Getting to know the campers!  I loved playing Frisbee in the Quad, playing cards, walking over to meals, and even just sitting down and chatting with them.  It was so much fun.

These are only 2 of the reasons why I can’t wait for CYM 2011!

The heat was record high, and the campers were champs! Who knew Potsdam could hit the upper 90’s?  Well all the CYM campers got to witness it firsthand!

CYM is a great opportunity to get to know the school, faculty, and community!  Oh, and let’s not forget the food. The campers got to eat campus food everyday which is ranked #2 in the SUNY System.  The campers also got the opportunity to take lessons with Crane Professors as well!  What a great opportunity!

If you are interested in music, and haven’t thought about C.Y.M. 2011, I think you should!  You will have a blast!  Did I mention that was one of the biggest reasons I came to SUNY Potsdam?  That’s right, I was a camper 10 years ago!  WHOA!

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