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Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

Derek, Admissions Counselor

While looking at colleges, the thought might have crossed your mind that this process is hard!  It wasn’t too long ago when I was in the middle of my college search, too.  Instead of getting all stressed out about it, why not just have fun with it?  How do you have fun?  Be prepared!

When you go to a school that you’re looking at, there are 5 easy steps to take to be prepared.

1.     Dress to impress!  There’s nothing more that impresses me than someone that’s dressed nicely.  Now, I’m not saying, “Dust off the old Tux.”  But a nice pair of pants and a nice shirt is just fine.  No no’s: pajama pants, jeans with holes, sweat pants, gym shorts… stay classy!  Also, don’t forget to check the weather and be prepared to walk!  Ladies, 15 inch heals are probably not the best option!

2.     Bring materials!  If you are going to the college for the first time, bring your transcript.  This is so helpful when I meet with students.  It shows that you have an interest in the school.  You can have a more in depth conversation.  Always good!  Don’t forget to have some questions prepared, that is also a plus!

3.     Be ready to learn!  A lot of students think that they know a lot of about the school because they have been there before for a sporting event or music activity.  There is a 100% chance you are going to learn something that you didn’t know.  So, be open minded!  Don’t pre-judge the school.

4.     As a student, you take care of the day!  Walk into the office and YOU go to the front desk to check in, not your parents.  Also, always introduce your family to the counselor, and don’t forget a nice handshake.  You’re the one that this is for, so take the bull by the horns and OWN IT!

5.     Follow up!  If you talked about something that needs to be tended to, make sure you do it!  For example, if you and your counselor decide more than one recommendation letter is needed, start the process as soon as possible.  A thank you note is always a nice touch, too.

As much as this time is for us to show you what the school has to offer, it’s a great time to show the school what you have to offer.  If you have taken care of the 5 steps above, you will have a blast, and this will be a time that you will remember forever!  This is supposed to be an exciting time in your life, so make it one!  Be Prepared!

See you soon!


Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Hannah Young, Admissions Counselor

As the fall season starts to unfold, high school seniors all over the country begin the exciting but at times complicated task of trying to choose the right college. I am officially 23 days into my travel season in Long Island, New York as an admissions counselor for SUNY Potsdam. Although I am almost seven hours away from Potsdam right now, I have found the unique and exciting parts of Long Island.

When in Nassau county, it is amazing that one can be so close to New York City but still find peace in a warm and friendly neighborhood. The other day, I needed a cup of coffee and stumbled upon a little Italian coffee shop where the owners treated me like I was a long time friend, offering to make me a sandwich and making sure I left with a bag of Italian pastries for the road.

When I am out visiting high schools in Suffolk county, I have to stop by the beach, even if it is just to glimpse at the ocean before my next visit. One of my first visits in Suffolk county was at a high school where the principal was a SUNY Potsdam alum; the students I met with were excited and eager to hear about what SUNY Potsdam has to offer academically and socially.

Long Island is different from the North Country of New York but my time here thus far has shown me that no matter where one travels, there are nice and interesting people everywhere!

Greenport, NY

Ferry ride from Port Jefferson, NY