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Gethmini, Class of 2012

After flying over 15000 miles away from home (Sri Lanka), and entering SUNY Potsdam, it was as if I entered a whole new world! It was not to just SUNY Potsdam, I was an alien even to the United States of America. A new dorm room with a new roommate, who is also an international student from China, and many other suitemates from different parts of the world, has taught me how important positive attitude towards various other cultures are!

One of My Favorite Spots on Campus

Instead of rice and curry that we frequently consumed back home, I got to know the various frequently consumed other kinds of food here at the dining centers, more of pizza, different kinds of meat, sandwiches and a whole lot of new experiences. All of SUNY Potsdam’s dining centers provide us with good quality and tasty food! Dining centers here are the most interesting part of my university life! Being a Biology major and Chemistry minor, I will be failing in my duties if I don’t talk about all my wonderful professors here. All my professors are very helpful and provide their kind guidance at all times, not just to me but to all students!

My Room in the Suite

Me and My Roommate

One of my most frequently visited places other than the dining centers and classes is the fitness center, as students here at SUNY Potsdam we are facilitated to use many school facilities, one of the main being access to the school’s sports complex.  Also SUNY Potsdam has over 100 clubs and organizations, and I am the current President of the Potsdam International Organization and also I am part of many other organizations. I believe students here at SUNY Potsdam are trained not just with the purpose of a good academic career but also, to make students all round individuals who will sharpen and build up a well managed society!!!

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