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Vincent, Class of 2013

Hello blog readers!

My name is Vincent Dubay and I’m from Rome, New York. I’m a recent transfer student from Mohawk Valley Community College and just started my sophomore year here at SUNY Potsdam. Currently, I’m an English Major with a minor in History and I hope to someday teach at a university level. After experiencing a year of Community College I decided to make the switch to Potsdam because of its excellent academic programs, gorgeous campus, and most of all how easy the college made my transferring process from another school. It can be very intimidating to be the new kid on campus, but with the two hundred plus transfers that SUNY Potsdam receives each year I wasn’t alone. Since I came here in the fall I’ve made plenty of new friends and after fours months I know this is where I belonged all along. This campus is always presenting new opportunities for intellectual growth as well as enlightening experiences. I am currently involved with Circle K International, tutoring Korean students who are learning the English language, modeling for an art studio, and working in the graduate studies department. Getting involved is a huge part of the Potsdam experience and there’s always something, whether it’s a club or job, to keep you busy. In my spare time I enjoy walking into downtown for pizza bagels or going to bookstores, catching a movie at the Roxy theatre, going for a run around the quiet surrounding neighborhoods, taking hiking trips, and just relaxing in the laid back environment of Potsdam. In my following blog posts over the next couple of weeks will be documenting my experiences here at SUNY Potsdam, which are becoming more interesting as the days press on.

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