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Chelsey, Class of 2013

College isn’t just about getting a degree. It’s obtaining an education, and not just in terms of classes. It provides the opportunity to learn how to live your life and how you want to live it. Essentially, college is about learning about yourself and incorporating it into the world around you.

Some of you may not have any clue what you want to do in life; some may have it all mapped out. Regardless of which path you take, college is bound to provide you with some kind of rewarding experience. On the classes end of things, SUNY Potsdam has a plethora of different classes to choose from. From Arabic to Thermodynamics, there’s a class for everybody!  This is your chance to learn about how cancer cells form or how to do a perfect pliet; the options are endless! College is also the time when you dive into what interests you most in your studies, something that can be a very personal and awakening experience.

The next level of education you receive in college is what I like to call life. You learn how to eat by yourself, do your own laundry, and how to make your schedule work in order to get everything done. You learn what kind of leader you are and have the chance to become heavily involved. Whether it’s learning how to knit hats or playing hockey, there is a valuable experience you will take with you from college. In essence, you learn how you want to live the rest of your life and how to make these few years count. You earn self-confidence. You learn about respect. And you ascertain the value of balance.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you learn about yourself. College is the time when you discover. You learn your work ethic. You learn what is important to you. And you learn how to live outside the box. You might try some gray noodles in the dining center. You might go with friends on a ski trip. You might become the President of a club that you knew nothing about 2 years beforehand. This is the time to take advantage of opportunities and this is the time to learn what is important to you. Find a new hobby, exhibit a new talent, be yourself for all to see! More than that, become yourself.

College is the chance, the opportunity, to learn about the world from your own unique perspective and give the world a little something to take back of you. There’s nothing else like it – so give it a go!

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