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Becky, Class of 2014

The remainder of the week was no less busy than the beginning.  I’ve had rehearsals every day and literally haven’t had any free time since Sunday until now!  Wednesday I had the opportunity to take part in a marketing photo-shoot.  Myself and three other dancers from Potsdam were chosen as models to represent the Theatre and Dance Department, as well as the School of Arts and Sciences for the website and marketing.  Make sure you request information this spring…There’s a chance I’ll be on it!

In Performance Explorations on Thursday, we began working on our final projects.  It’s a group project where each group (of 5 or 6 students) is given about 15 stanzas from a difficult poem and we have to set it to choreography.  It’s supposed to encompass all that we have worked on through the course of the semester – vocal tone, range, qualities of movement, direction, facings, volume, etc. – and become one, cohesive performance piece.  It’s a difficult project, especially as we near the end of the semester and things start getting crazier, but it’s also a lot of fun!  I love my group because we’re all really creative so I think it’s going to work out just fine!

Keeping with the busy theme of the week, it was also the week to choose classes!  I – being a freshman and getting a late registration time – did not get all the class sessions that I had originally wanted.  I still got all classes I need though, and the way that it worked out may actually be better for me in the long run.  The only real unfortunate part is how spread out my classes are (I’m in classes from 9am-5:50pm on Monday with two HUGE breaks), but I asked a few professors to put me on the waiting list for their classes so that I could hopefully correct the problem.  All of the teachers here are always so willing to help that I’m not too concerned.  I know there is still plenty of time and I am sure it’ll work out.

Finally, Friday did come!  I spent my morning in the gym, then headed over to Satterlee for a cram session before my Modern Dance quiz.  YES, DANCERS TAKE TESTS TOO!  We have quizzes every couple of weeks or so on anatomy and physiology.  The department faculty here is very dedicated to making sure that not only do we hone our performance skills, but we also learn a great deal about our bodies and how to take care of them throughout a career…or just everyday life.  The cram session was well worth it because I got a 4.0 (my first on one of those quizzes)!  We danced afterwards and class seemed to be extra enjoyable, but it could have just been from my 4.0 powered good mood!

Scene Shop

After Modern, I went to the Scene Shop to do my production hours.  The Scene Shop is kind of like a tech/wood shop, but specifically for the Department of Theatre and Dance.  During production hours (which I am required to do for participation in the Student Choreography Concert), we paint, build sets, work on lighting…it could really be anything related to an upcoming production!  Since they are doing lighting this weekend and all of the sets and props for the choreography show are already built and painted, our job yesterday was to start cleaning out the shop for the new semester.  It sounds like a lot of boring work, but the people in the Scene Shop are so nice and funny that I always have fun there.  Plus, I also grew up spending a lot of time in my Dad’s shop back home, so it’s kind of a comforting place for me to spend my time.  And it helps when Jeff (he’s in charge of the Scene Shop) gives us free candy!

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