Posted on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 at 3:17 pm under Events

Vincent, Class of 2013

This past Thursday I attended one of SUNY Potsdam’s many cultural events that are held on campus each week. The English department has a lot of talented writers and poets that showcase their work at our campus coffee house. For this showcase there was a graduating student who performed a few pieces from his final portfolio and two faculty members read as well. Being a poet myself it was interesting to hear from other writers on campus and to see the talented faculty share their mastery of spoken word. Poetry and spoken word are relatively the same concept when on stage. The main difference is with the presentation and form of either style. For instance spoken word is more lyrical and involves lots of energy to convey the artist’s message. I’ve found that spoken word is more about acting out a written work rather than just reading it. There were examples of either form that evening and it was so enlightening to know that Potsdam has such talented poets. Alongside this showcasing event there was another contest last week strictly devoted to spoken word. I couldn’t attend this event but heard the room was packed to see contestants belt out their lyric poems. Poetry readings here at Potsdam bring the best writers out of the woodwork and the wide variety of talented students who go here. In coming weeks I am going to attend more poetry events and hopefully someday I’ll be the one on stage.

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