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Vincent, Class of 2013

After a fantastic break back up in good old Maine I’ve finally trekked back to Potsdam.  Back to the refreshingly cold weather, challenging classes, clubs, and the place I call my second home.  Believe it or not, Potsdam is just as lively in the winter as it is in the fall.  The first weekend back is always full of things to do.  There was a hockey game, a disco night at the ice rink, a murder mystery party, and countless other club sponsored events to get involved with.  I went rock climbing with a few friends and went to the hockey game afterward.  Later on in the surprisingly temperate night I hit up the town and spent some time relishing in the nightlife Potsdam has to offer.  Even though it may get a little cold up here in the North Country, students never run out of things to do.  My radio show also has kicked back up again and my second show will be on Friday at 9:30. Interested viewers should tune in at to listen in and I’ll even be taking some requests.  Call in and you might even be able to have your voice heard on the air!

Hockey Game

Satterlee in the Snow

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