Posted on Tuesday, February 8th, 2011 at 5:24 pm under Events

Becky, Class of 2014

This past Friday, Professor A’Keitha Carey held auditions for a brand-new student training company, CariDanco.  The company will be training intensively in her CaribFunk fusion style of dance several times a week and will be traveling literally around the world to perform and hold training workshops for other dancers.  Obviously, I was there!

First off, I should probably give you some background information.  Professor Carey is new to SUNY Potsdam this year.  I took her CaribFunk class last semester and all I can say is it was nothing like I expected.  Her unique style fuses Ballet, Modern, Caribbean, East African (think Congo) and fitness techniques.  Basically, it’s a workout and a half…think Zumba on steroids.  Her style of movement is very unique and it involves a LOT of hip movement (if you weren’t comfortable shaking it before, that’s going to have to change!) and a LOT of sweat (2 hours non-stop for the average class) but it’s so much fun!

Professor Carey had contacted me about her company this past December asking to consider being part of the process, which I eagerly accepted!  At auditions Friday, I helped people fill out their audition forms and gave each dancer a number.  I’ve been to different auditions here before, but it was NOTHING like this.  Everyone was so stressed out and so eager to impress Professor Carey enough for a spot in the company.  Once everyone was signed in and had their numbers, the audition began with a slight explanation of what we’d be getting ourselves into.  She told us about how we would be performing over the next few semesters throughout the Bahamas, Congo and all across the country.  She hoped that those cast would remain a part of the project, allowing us to progress technically and also aide in her quest to codify the movement so that it may be taught around the world.

Even as I write this I’m having a hard time resisting the urge to squeal with excitement like a little girl!  This company is such a huge opportunity for the dancers at SUNY Potsdam, and we’re all so honored that we could be part of it.  Alas, we have a few days to wait until the list of company members and apprentices (In dance, the term “apprentice” means kind of like an understudy.  These people aren’t officially company members, but they sometimes perform with the company, travel with the company, or even perform on their own as a 2nd part company.) is posted.  We’re all so anxious because we see what an amazing opportunity it is.  For now we wait in limbo, but we should know soon!  Wish me luck!

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