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Becky, Class of 2014

When I came to Potsdam, I expected it to be like every other college I had ever experienced.  You go, sit in class, do your readings, hand in your papers, get a passing grade, and never see them again.  What I didn’t see coming was to have teachers that actually care.

Robin Collen, my advisor and one of the Dance professors here (I have her for Improv and Dance History this semester) helped me to set up rehearsal space in Merritt studio, a pretty unused studio across campus from most of the other dance and theatre classrooms.  When I had asked her if she knew anything about it, I assumed she’d just give me the name of whoever was in charge and send me off to take care of it myself.  She actually set up a meeting with the director of the department that was in charge of that room and contacted the custodial staff for that building to get me permission to use the room, my own designated reservation block on the schedule and possibly even my own key.  I’m so grateful for Robin helping me with this and allowing me to have rehearsal space to work on all the projects that I am a part of this semester.

I spent all day yesterday running from CaribFunk, to Dance History, to Ballet, to Improv like a crazy woman.  However, I’m not reeeeally in the Ballet class.  I wanted to keep up with my Ballet technique because I have always been taught the importance of a good technical foundation and didn’t want to let that slip.  But already being at 19 credits (the max load) without Ballet looked like it would be impossible.  Plus, I wasn’t sure I’d consistently have the time to take it.  When I asked Professor Carey about this, she said that she would allow me to drop in on Ballet whenever I could, and when I wasn’t able to, that it would be fine.  I thought it was a pretty sweet deal.

Oh, and speaking of Professor Carey, did I mention that I’m one of the 11 dancers that was cast in her new company, CariDanco?!?!  I’m beyond excited.  Professor Carey, Robin, Don Borsh and all the rest of the teachers I’ve come in contact with here are really so wonderful.  They go above and beyond to help their students in any way they can, no matter what.  I can come up with dozens more examples, but I don’t think you’d want to read a blog that long!  Until next time, I’m off to rehearsal!

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