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Hannah, Counselor

A few weeks ago, a friend told me that I should check out a place called The Birchbark Bookshop which is known for its collection of about 50,000 +, used books and so, off I went for a weekend excursion in the rather cold weather  of Northern New York.

On My Way to Birchbark Bookshop

When I arrived at The Birchbark, I instantly knew that I was going to like this place.

Birchbark Bookshop

Inside, the books are neatly lined on wooden shelves that are reinforced by birch trees. There is a large, wood stove glowing in the middle of the store and chairs nestled in the corners. The owner was great and when he found out my love for Southern Gothic writing, he recommended a few books and told me to come back soon so that he could show me some more. After I meandered through the store for about thirty minutes, I decided to buy a strange looking copy of Wuthering Heights and a Carson McCuller’s book titled, “Clock Without Hands” which the owner assured me was an excellent read that could be returned to many years down the road.

This place is definitely worth the ten minute drive outside of campus to find an old favorite or a new read!

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