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Becky, Class of 2014

This weekend (as the first of many) was completely FULL of rehearsal.  It all started Saturday morning at the leisurely hour of 9am.  Yes, you read that correctly; that wasn’t a typo.  Nine in the morning—on a Saturday!  It was our first CariDanco rehearsal and it went from 9-12.  This wasn’t a one-time occasion; this will be my schedule for the next four years.  Friday night social life, I’ll miss you so very much!  On the Brightside, rehearsal went really well!  Professor Carey talked with us about her goals and we signed contracts binding us to the company and saying we’ll follow all the rules.  She cares a LOT about not only our dancing (we’re required to take classes year-round) but also our academics (we have to keep above a 2.5 GPA) so it was a little overwhelming for all of us.  Thankfully, I’ve always been a good student so I’m not overly concerned about the GPA requirement, and I’m always dancing so that shouldn’t be a problem either.

After 3 sweaty hours of intense CaribFunk training, the day was far from over.  After a half hour lunch break, we were back at it again in rehearsal for Talisa Davis’s piece “The Bond of a Storm.”  It is one of the pieces that we will be showing at the ACDFA concert in only 3 weeks!  We rehearsed for another three hours, mostly bringing the two new dancers up to speed but also cleaning it as a whole.  Six hours later, I was soo ready to leave Dunn Studio.

But of course, I would never dream of a day off!  Sunday morning I was back at it again in rehearsal for Tani Currier’s piece – Proceed Openly.  Again, it was a lot of catching everyone up and helping the people who were new to the group.  It was hard remembering all twelve minutes of choreography when I could barely keep my eyes open, but we were all starting to feel the pressure of only having 3 weeks until ACDFA so we kept going full-force.  We wound up getting a lot done, thankfully.

Finally, I am out of rehearsal for the weekend.  Now on to the 18 tons of homework I have!  It’s gonna be a looong night.

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  1. admissions Says:

    ACDFA stands for American College Dance Festival Association. We are going to a regional conference over Spring Break in Vermont where we will take 4 days of workshop style classes in a variety of dance styles and compete 2 pieces in one of the nightly concerts, hoping to be selected for the final gala on Saturday and possibly an invitation to perform at the national conference in Washington, DC.

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