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Becky, Class of 2014

Last night we had our first “showing.”  Showings are performances of the pieces that we’re working on for the Senior Choreographers’ Concert as well as the American College Dance Festival that’s coming up way too fast.  We normally have them in Dunn Theater, but yesterday only 3 pieces were being showed so we had it right in the studio.  The showings are a chance for us to get feedback from Don Borsh (one of the senior faculty members here, and my Modern teacher this semester… he is also the advisor for the student show this semester) as well as the other choreographers.  They help us clean our dancing and fix our phrasing as well as help the choreographer of the piece better develop the concept as well as the visual they are creating.  These showings are extremely helpful to all of us when working on a piece.

Yesterday was our first showing of the semester.  We performed Talisa’s piece—the Bond of a Storm—from last semester’s show first.  Don was impressed at how much the two new dancers learned in the short amount of time and remarked at how he forgot that they weren’t part of the piece before.  He gave us each a few small corrections, but overall seemed pleased with our work which clearly made us all very happy.  The next piece was Talisa’s large piece, which I am not a part of.  Normally during showings we don’t get to watch the others perform, but since it was in the studio it was an exception.  It was so cool to be able to observe her work in this stage because I have only ever see it from the viewpoint of performer, not audience member.  Mollie’s quintet went last, and I was SO nervous.  She set it so I start the piece in a solo, which was stressing me out just a little.  I was afraid I’d forget the choreography or mess something up.  All was good though and the performance went well.  Don made us run through it a sound time since it was his first time seeing the piece or even hearing the concept.  He also spent some time coaching me on my phrasing in my opening solo, which was extremely helpful. He enjoyed this piece as well and remarked how excited he was to see the show as a whole go up later in the season.

We also had another CariDanco rehearsal last night, meaning that I got not one, but TWO doses of CaribFunk in one day.  As I type this, I am noticing it’s hard just to hold up arms out to the keyboard.  My entire body is literally exhausted.  We started working on our first performance piece last night and it’s different from what I expected.  The music is difficult and the phrasing is also a challenge, but I think it is going to be awesome once it has been rehearsed enough.  After our class, Professor Carey called Talisa and I into her office to ask us if either of us wanted the position as Rehearsal Director or Secretary for the company.  Talisa jumped at the opportunity to be Rehearsal Director, which I was glad for since I’m uncomfortable with leading the group through a rehearsal given that I am the youngest one.  That left me with the position as secretary, which I was more than happy to accept.  I will also be working closely with Anthropology students in the study of the historical context of the movement.  I can’t wait to begin!

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