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Chelsey, Class of 2013

As with every place, Potsdam has something new to discover every day. It might be kind of hard to remember during winter, but as long as you do a little searching, there is a world full of treasures hidden amongst the sand-covered sidewalks and icy breaths that constitute Potsdam during the winter. Here are my top five so far this semester!

Maxcy offers a variety of exercise classes in which you can partake for FREE! I’ve tried a few, and I’ve found them to be really fun. My favorite is kickboxing. It’s a great way to let out the stress of the day and get a good work out in at the same time!

This semester I tried intramurals for the first time. I have to admit, I never gave them much credit – but they’ve proved to be a blast! I tried Canoe Swamp, and right now I’m in the midst of volleyball. Carboard duct tape boat race is coming soon!

Lehman Brunch
Who doesn’t love a plate full of bacon? Well, some people, I’m sure – but that’s okay because there’s a million other things to eat! I’ve been enjoying weekend brunch in my pajamas on the weekends. (I live in Lehman so I don’t even have to go outside!) It’s a great way to start my lazy days.

Time With Friends
Ok, so this one isn’t exactly something that Potsdam has been hiding from me. Rather, it’s something that I neglect far too much and have really found value in this semester. It’s hard to find spare moments with such a busy schedule, and sometimes it makes things a little more hectic – but it’s so worth it!

This isn’t a new one. Since I discovered Saguaro’s, I can’t stay away. But it’s still definitely one of my favorite things on campus this semester!

“These are some of my favorite things!” Now go find your own! Don’t use winter as an excuse to hole up; go find the hidden gems that truly make life a treasure.

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