Posted on Friday, May 6th, 2011 at 1:48 pm under Helpful Hints

Jeffri, Class of 2013

Choosing the right college is like choosing a new home. Not every location is right for everyone. At first, I assumed that since I am a city boy, I could not attend a school located in rural or suburban America. I later found out that wasn’t true. I chose to come to SUNY Potsdam because of the great reputation the school holds. All of the alumni/ae that I was able to meet were all ecstatic when it came to describing their college years here. After those raging reviews, I immediately decided that I needed to visit. I came up and learned an even greater deal of information. I was also pleased to see all of the great resources offered by the school.  There are great tutoring services. There are also computer labs and two different libraries with staff that is more than willing and motivated to help each student.

One other thing that aided with my decision was the surprising variety of food, both on campus and in town. There’s everything one could crave for such a small town. Choosing a college is not easy. However, go with what feels right for you and you’ll be surprised how easy the choice becomes.

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