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Melissa, Assistant Director of Admissions

Here are 10 questions to ask during a college visit:

  1. What is the average class size for freshman and upperclassmen?
  2. What is the average debt accumulated for students completing a degree in four years?
  3. What are scholarship requirements for incoming students and what scholarships are available for returning students?  (If you don’t qualify as a freshman, will the school reward you for proven results once you are there?)
  4. Where are students interning and for what types of positions?
  5. What is the size of the student body?
  6. What is life like in the residence halls?  What conditions are the rooms AND bathrooms in?
  7. How safe is the campus?
  8. How do students describe the faculty?  (Are they accessible?  Do the students form relationships with the faculty?)
  9. Does the college offer my main areas of academic interest? (If you change your major, hopefully you won’t have to change schools.)
  10. How active are the alumni?  (A strong alumni base typically means that they feel a strong connection to their alma mater and value the time and money they spent there.)

Here are 10 questions you need to answer for yourself:

  1. What subject area(s) would I enjoy learning about?
  2. What is the average salary for the career I am interested in?  (Does it support the amount of debt you will accumulate at your top choice schools?  If not, reconsider your choice of schools, not your career choice!)
  3. What type of learning environment will suit my learning style?  (large school v. small school)
  4. How far away from home am I comfortable going?
  5. What type of setting will suit my interests best: urban, suburban or rural?
  6. I think I know what I want to major in.  Have I spent time shadowing a professional in that career so I really know what the job is like?
  7. What is my cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)?  (That way you will be able to research admissions requirements for colleges and know which colleges you have a solid shot of gaining entrance to.)
  8. What are my strengths and weaknesses as a student?
  9. Do I have the dedication to continue my education at the next level?
  10. Am I making the important decisions for the right reasons?

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