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Monday, July 25th, 2011

Becky, Class of 2014

This summer, I’m teaching dance at my hometown studio, the ABC Center for Performing Arts.  Every year we do a day camp style program, and we do a special trip at least once.  This summer, we took a trip to Saratoga Springs.

The day started out bright and early, meeting at the studio at 8am.  We then piled into the minivans (aka, the mom-mobiles) and started on the two hour car trip.  Our first stop was the National Museum of Dance.  I’m driven by it dozens of times, and I’ve always wanted to go, but for whatever reason I had never been able to.  It was exciting!  They had a lot of special exhibits this summer, including a showcase of costumes from the television show, Dancing with the Stars, a tribute to Michael Jackson, and an exhibit about Eleo Pomare, a Columbian-American choreographer that I had learned about in my Dance History class last semester.  It was also nice walking through the Hall of Fame and recognizing all of the other people I had learned about.  I was proud to be able to offer my knowledge to the younger dancers, and had a great time!

After the museum, we headed to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center.  We were going to see the ballet “Jewels” performed by the New York City Ballet.  I have seen a lot of different ballets before, but never Jewels, so that was exciting.  I have also never seen NYCB live before, just in videos.  It was a great opportunity and I absolutely loved every second of it.  The girls we took to see the show also really enjoyed it.  It was an amazing afternoon, and I can’t wait to head back to Saratoga later this summer and hopefully be able to take a class next time too.  It’s great to have all of these opportunities so close to home, and I intend to take full advantage of them.

Jackson Five Tribute

National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Becky, Class of 2014

It’s about halfway through summer break, and it’s been quite the eventful one.  I was taking a couple of summer classes at Broome Community College, which is about a forty minute drive from my house.  It made me REALLY miss living right across the street from the academic quad like I do in Potsdam, and made me appreciate the ease of living on campus.  I certainly missed having that extra half hour of sleep every day!  Other than the drive, it wasn’t terrible.  I felt like I missed out on a lot though, given that I was there four days a week for the first part of summer, and then teaching dance in the evenings.  It was a busy few weeks, but it was worth it to get my literature and Spanish I class out of the way!

Now that it’s over, I am onto a whole new chapter of summer.  I’m teaching dance camp as well as choreographing for my hometown studio, the ABC Center for Performing Arts.  Teaching was definitely what I missed the most while being away at Potsdam, but I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to come home for the summer and get back into doing what I love.  It has also made me realize that teaching is something that I for sure want to come back to after college, and after I pursue a professional career.  I love it so much!

Being home has also given me a lot of time to spend with my family.  I’ve always been so close to them and it was a challenge this past year hardly ever being able to see them.  It’s also now a running joke that since I’ve been home I’ve become “domesticated” since I started actually cooking, which I had previously adamantly refused to do.  Though the food is great in Potsdam, I really did miss having home cooked meals, so that’s become one of my favorite parts about being home.

I’m excited that summer is REALLY starting now, and I have a lot of really exciting things coming up in the next few weeks.  Here’s to hoping all of your summers are going as well as mine!

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Vincent, Class of 2013

It’s okay! A lot of incoming freshmen are fretting about making a decision on their major. When I was counting down to my first week of college it was intimidating to select a plan of study. Thoughts like “is this really what I want to do?” and “will I be satisfied?” went through my head as I stared at the declaration form in the registrars’ office. However, like most freshmen, I was told that it’s completely fine to remain undeclared for the first two semesters or even until the end of sophomore year. Your freshman schedule is primarily made up of core classes anyway. Think of it as a chance to try out a wide variety of courses while getting general education classes down and pat. When picking courses, take the ones that interest you the most and positive experiences are sure to follow. It’s a lot of gut instinct come decision time, but with a decent amount of courses already completed a decision on what to major in will be weighed a bit more carefully.  Personally, I changed my major three times in the past two years but finally found something to stick with. The entire decision period was spent getting my general education classes finished, but I experimented with a major specific class here and there. Even with changing majors three times, I’m graduating on time and have a well-rounded transcript to boot.