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Vince, Class of 2013

Composition courses are a real treat here at Potsdam. We have an excellent faculty and a great creative writing program to offer at the college. After completing Comp 101 or transferring applicable AP test scores, any major is allowed to take an introduction to creative writing course. The course load spans over multiple genres like playwriting, creative non-fiction, poetry, fiction, and personal memoir. Last fall I took a course specifically on creative non-fiction, an up and coming genre, and it was a very unique style of writing. The creative non-fiction genre fuses together the tools of the fiction writer but adds an authors’ personal touch into the mix. The class was small, about fifteen students, with smaller student groups to work with outside of class time. Writing courses have a lot of peer reviewing on essay drafts to fine tune pieces until they’re ready to be handed in. Working with other aspiring writers is rewarding and there’s a lot of talent to be found at Potsdam. Professors give individual attention to students if they need help on a piece and in future semesters ambitious students have an opportunity for independent study. This semester I’m in an independent study creative non-fiction class where the pieces I worked on last year are now being polished for publishing opportunities. I hope to get some of my work into literary magazines within the next few years and the class is really helping me achieve that. There are plenty of opportunities for writers at the college, check them out if you’re interested on the English department’s webpage.

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