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Chelsey, Class of 2013

For many, the start of October represents a month surrounded by the beauty of fall, apple cider, and the chance to be anything you want. For me, the start of October is my first stressful period of the semester. I am happy to announce it went smoothly this year!

Being the President of a breast cancer club (Beat the Monster/BTM) and on representational group for our leadership program (Emerging Leaders), I have a million things to both prepare for, and survive, the first week of October. This year, BTM had four events and Emerging Leaders had its new member intake retreat all in the same week!  Thankfully, both groups are incredibly fun and very important to me, so the stress is well worth it.

BTM kicked off the month with Show You Care; Dye Your Hair. At this event, we offer students the chance to dye a strip of their hair pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month (October.) We also had a campfire, tabled to raise awareness, and had a great dance!

Emerging Leaders also had a great start. At our two day-long retreat, we accepted about 45 new members, and trained them in the ways of Emerging Leaders! We participated in awesome bonding exercises, learned about our leadership styles, and had a breakfast social at my townhouse. On Sunday, we traveled to SUNY Canton to participate in a high ropes course. Fun was had by all, and I’m looking forward to a successful semester!

Overall, I took the beginning of the month step by step, and had an amazing time with my friends and colleagues. Off to  accomplish more!

BTM Table

BTM Table

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