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Chelsey, Class of 2013

It’s already been a week since fall break!

I spent my fall break spending time with my mom and my dog, my two best companions. I listened to some Garth Brooks, danced in the car, and watched countless episodes of Criminal Minds. (It is one of the best shows of ALL TIME.)  It probably wasn’t too exciting compared to some, but it was perfect for me! Another great experience…the Bills’ win on Sunday!

I also posed a plethora of hours as Sleeping Beauty on my couch, so I’m refreshed and well rested again! I’m told you can never truly catch up on your sleep, but I’m feeling loads better. I’m excited to get back to school and work and put in full effort once again.

Besides spending some quality time with my family and the back of my eyelids, I also experienced a very eventful ride back. On a ride that should take five or six hours at most, I ended up taking seven and a half hours to get back to campus. My friend and I have absolutely no idea what happened. We went the same way as usual and had only minor stops. It shall be a mystery for time to solve, I suppose.  Thankfully, we arrived a minute (literally!) before the bus full of children arrived for my friend’s after school program. Talk about a relief!

That’s all for this week, faithful followers – hope to see you next week!

Chelsey and her dog

Chelsey and her dog

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