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Becky, Class of 2014

This weekend was so packed that I’m not sure it even WAS a weekend; it was more of an extension of the week.  It started off on a good note Friday night when I went with Alpha Psi Omega to go see one of my fellow understudies, Edie, in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.  The production was put on by Musical Theatre Organization, a completely student run group on campus.  She had the role of Sally Brown, and she was so adorable!  Before the show, our APO group went to eat together, too, so it was also a nice bonding experience.  It was fun to be able to go all together to support Edie!

After Charlie Brown, my “little sister” from home, Makenzie, came to stay over with me for the night!  I pretty much grew up in the dance studio, and Kenzie is my dance teacher’s daughter, who is now a junior in high school and looking at colleges.  We’ve always been like family, so of course I forced her to come check out Potsdam!  She stayed over Friday night to get the dorm experience, and it was great to have a chance to catch up with her and everything in her life.

The next day was our second Open House of the semester.  Kenzie got picked up at 8 to go to breakfast with her family while I headed to work.  The day started out rainy, but cleared up just in time for campus tours, which was a huge relief to all of us!  Even though it was a long day, I love the people I work with, so it’s always fun.  After the Open House, I went to rehearsal, an APO meeting, out to dinner with Makenzie and her family, then to a performance by “Big Ape,” a dance company from Vermont that was doing a residency here.  It was a dance theater performance, and something very different from what most people are used to, but I loved it!  Being exposed to so many different types of performance has really helped broaden my horizons.

Sunday I said goodbye to Makenzie and her family, sad that the little piece of home I got to have with me all weekend was leaving again.  But soon enough, I was off to an APO breakfast (with some of the best pancakes I’ve ever had…thanks, big and mom!) and then to Watertown with them for the First Frost AIDS walk.  It was so much fun because the walk was held in the zoo…plus I got to spend it with my soon-to-be brothers of Alpha Psi Omega!  We also won a plaque for raising the most money of any college team.  It was the perfect cap to a great weekend.

APO at First Frost AIDS Walk

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