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Tanasia, Class of 2013

This semester has been very hectic with some changes in my schedule. However, it’s always good to make some time to do the things you love. I spent last weekend taking pictures of Potsdam’s beauty.

My friends got me a Finepix Fuji camera for my birthday and I was so anxious to finally use it. I love creating poems and plays and now I have fallen in love with photography.  The beauty in just an orange cone, a tree, or the road really amazes me.

Potsdam has allowed me to find  a new way to express myself through photos. One of the greatest things about coming to Potsdam is the resources and opportunities you have. On campus we have an amazing program for Visual Arts. Too bad I stink at drawing  because one of the prerequisite classes for photography here is drawing.  On the bright side, because we have three other Universities in the area, I will be able to take a photography class at SUNY Canton next semester.

I am So Excited!!! You get many choices here at Potsdam and you may have this same feeling one day, too, that I have right now. In the meantime, I will keep you updated on my journey from Amateur to Pro:)

The Raquette River in Lehman Park

The Raquette River in Lehman Park

Front Entrance to Draime Hall

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