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Tanasia, Class of 2013

Halloween weekend was a blast here in Potsdam. I volunteered for “Night At Madstop,” which was an event filled with games, food, performances, and a Haunted House. All monies raised were for the Potsdam Humane Society.  I was one of the actors for the Haunted House. It was truly a blast. The committee for the event built a small house in the back of our field house.  The field house is a recreational gym where different events and activities are housed. There were several rooms in the haunted house. The rooms in the haunted house represented halls and offices on campus. Hosmer hall, health services, a dorm room, the college store, Lehman dining hall, and the Crumb library were all included. All the actors were stationed in different rooms and we had the best job on the block. We got to scare people all night.

I was an orientation leader for the haunted house. My job was to lead people through the rooms and get them out in one piece. This experience was rewarding to me because I haven’t been in any theater productions in so long due to the commitment that is necessary to assure the best performance possible. Night at Madstop was a walk down memory lane and I can’t wait to help out again next year.

Pumpkins from Night at Madstop

Tanasia & friends dressed for Night at Madstop

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