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Tanasia, Class of 2013

College is an experience that is enlightening and allows me to explore worlds that were once unknown to me. I had never heard of Black Solidarity Day until two years ago during my freshman year at Potsdam. The Black Student Alliance (A.K.A. BSA) celebrates Black Solidarity Day each year with the SUNY Potsdam campus & the community. Black Solidarity Day is a day filled with rich history. It was started in 1969 by Dr. Carlos E. Russell at Brooklyn College.  Dr. Russell was a professor, playwright, community activist and author.  Many campuses nationwide celebrate Black Solidarity day. It always occurs the Monday before elections. One could very well say that this day serves many purposes. It creates a safe and creative space to empower one another to live right and engage in conversations about political topics that reflect on our history and future.

This year at Potsdam the Black Student Alliance did a great job and the program was truly moving. There was a vocal & dance presentation performed by current students. Clarkson University Step team also performed as well. The keynote speaker was Dr. Youngblood; he is currently a communication professor here at Potsdam. His message gave the history of African Americans tribulations and the battles of the family unit over time. At the end of the ceremony we had a home cooked meal prepared by current students.  Just to tease you there was jalofi rice (African dish), yellow rice, white rice, collard greens,  fresh salad, baked macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, bar-b-que chicken, jerk chicken, and curry chicken.

Needless to say this event was definitely beautiful. All the students, staff and community members that attended were in for a treat.  The event would not be possible without the TEAM effort from the members of the Black Student Alliance as well as volunteers. My first year I read a poem and this year I decided to help cook.  On a college campus there is a niche for everyone. If you like to perform, whether its dance, singing, playing an instrument, rapping, or poetry, there would be a part for you. If you like photography, technology, planning events, and making programs there would be something for you as well.  A lot of effort went into this event and it wouldn’t have been possible without willing, creative, and dedicated students to put it all together.

Tanasia and friends at Black Solidarity Day

home cooking for Black Solidarity Day

dance performance at Black Solidarity Day

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