Posted on Monday, November 21st, 2011 at 12:41 pm under Helpful Hints

Vince, Class of 2013

Me too. We all are, especially those who are getting closer to graduation. Want to know what I’ve been told time after time about worrying? It’s natural! I couldn’t begin to tell you all the nights I’ve sat up thinking, “What will I do after I graduate? Am I making the right choices?” I could say that “everything works out” or “everyone finds their place in life,” but I feel like that’s vague and a little cliché. What I’ve found out as the years rolled by is that your future resides in how much you want to succeed. We’re all uncertain at times, forgetting how far we’ve come since high school, and get caught up in the big elephant in the room: the economy. However, this campus has quite the job placement rate and a fantastic career planning service to boot. The key word here is “placement,” and in order to get assistance for placement students have to start planning earlier on in their academic careers. For example, there are various free workshops, open seminars, and one-to-one assistance on post-graduate marketability that are held each semester. A major affair, graduate school information sessions, the internship office, guest speakers, and even the writing center are here to help the nervous
undergraduate bolster some confidence in the job hunt. For those who want to make the step towards graduate school, get well acquainted with your professors early on in your undergrad years. For instance, I’m getting a lot of advice from my English professors on what graduate programs to choose and some tips on the application process. This was because I love what I do, show interest, and have a better sense of what I want to do now that I’ve utilized Potsdam’s career resources. The SUNY Potsdam community cares about its students and it’s all right to be nervous about the unknown, but this campus will certainly never leave its students out in the dark.

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