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Becky, Class of 2014

Well, we survived!  This weekend was completely packed with performances for me.  After a stressful tech week that didn’t go anywhere near as smoothly as any of us would have liked, it was finally opening night.  I knew a lot of my friends were going to be there, and of course the choreographers, so the pressure was definitely on.  Just to add to it, Professor Carey gave me her own hat to wear for my solo.  I was honored, but so nervous!  Thanks to some brilliant streak of luck, the show went off without any issues and we were all proud of the performance we put on.  Even the choreographers were beaming at the end of the night!

The next two days continued in such a fashion of successful concert performances.  I also had my Theta Cabaret for Alpha Psi Omega, which is the final step of our pledging process.  It was alumni weekend, so we wanted to present a good show for them especially.  It was pretty last minute, but it all came together and was so fun!  After the Cabaret we had our annual banquet.  I was thankful for the opportunity to be able to get out of dance clothes and actually look like a normal human being for a few hours…even if it was short lived!

My parents came to the show Saturday, so my Sunday began by going out to breakfast with them.  I hadn’t seen them in six weeks, so it was great to be able to spend some quality time catching up on our lives, even though I’ll be home in just a few days anyway.  After they left, it was time for the final performance of the Faculty Dance Concert, followed by a very speedy set strike.  The final cap of the weekend was the APO Angels Fashion Show – our spin on the Victoria’s Secret Angels Fashion Show as a fundraiser for the Creative Arts Camp Scholarship Fund.  Also, it was a great excuse for us to prance around in wings and glitter.  We raised over $150, so it was a fun and successful way to end a crazy weekend on the stage!

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