Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 at 11:21 am under Events

Brian, Class of 2012

Although I study a science and spend much of my time dedicated to left-brained pursuits, what really makes me tick is music. This year, I managed to get a band together to start playing shows locally. This has been a goal since I’ve been at Potsdam, but not until this year have all of the pieces come together.

Back in early October, two friends and I formed Five Mile Line. We play rock music with a heavy emphasis on catchy grooves and high energy performances. It’s a great release of stress for me to express myself musically. So far, we’ve played 5 shows in the North Country, the last of which was Round 1 of a Battle of the Bands competition held by Madstop Records (SUNY Potsdam’s independent record label). We advanced to the final round, which will be held this weekend. Check us out and be on the lookout for more updates at:

Five Mile Line performing at Battle of the Bands

Five Mile Line at Backstreets for Battle of the Bands

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