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Friday, November 4th, 2011

Mike, Class of 2012

So it’s finally here, I’ve entered my senior year at SUNY Potsdam and it feels like yesterday I was a freshman trying to figure out what this place was all about. Things have definitely changed around here, especially for the athletics programs as the NCAA investigated the university last year and found us unknowingly in violation of NCAA rules.  Based on the grant that was given to all international students, the NCAA felt the violation gave us a competitive edge but we were not ruled ineligible to play this year.  Coming from Canada this effected me directly as all international students lost the initiative grant we were receiving to attend SUNY Potsdam thus driving costs way up to say the least. As a member of the Men’s Ice Hockey team I saw drastic changes as many of our players transferred schools, with the majority returning to Canada to pursue their education.

Despite the growing pains of this dilemma and the limits put on recruiting players from Canada we still were able to bring in a solid freshman class of 11 players.  We have a very young team this season with a lot of potential, but playing in a league like the SUNYAC there will definitely be numerous obstacles encountered along the way. The team has gelled well early due to a steady regimen of staying system strong, staying the course, getting a lot of touches and tastes during practice and becoming a family. Although we fell short in our first SUNYAC game vs. Morrisville and my former roommate Todd Allan, we rebounded well against Southern New Hampshire University with a 14-2 victory.

The 1st of November marks “Movember,” my favorite time of year!! In support of men’s health, our team will be raising money by growing our mustaches for the month. It’s an all around great occasion and I hope that we can contribute as much as possible to the support the movement.

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

Vince, Class of 2013

Potsdam is always hustling and bustling around this time of the year. Potsdam puts on a pretty good mix of events and there is plenty to do Halloween weekend. These festivities started last Thursday with a tour of haunted Potsdam. After a night of exploring the hallowed campus full of frightful (but not necessarily true) tales, the weekend led into a fun filled Saturday night with Madstop records cover band competition and 90.3 FM’s Rocky Horror Picture show. Plenty of Potsdam talent came out to the competition and the winners were a Jackson 5 cover band. Other talents included cover folk artists along with a few other funk cover bands. There was a costume contest, which President Schwaller judged, goodie bags, plenty of laughs, and an overall goodtime carrying on the Rocky Horror tradition here at Potsdam. The whole campus was getting in the Halloween spirit with on-campus festivities sponsored by many of our  on-campus clubs. If you find yourself here next year around Halloween, it will be difficult to find something not to do on Potsdam’s campus. As the week rolls back into motion, November break getting closer, and final papers being assigned, the weekend was a nice retreat from the daily grind. It’s an amazing feeling once you’re past the halfway mark in the semester. In college it’s easier to keep the momentum going strong when you’re halfway there, a perfect time to finish out with flying colors.

Vince at Rocky Horror Night

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Chelsey, Class of 2013

One of the great things about Potsdam is that there’s always something going on! We have an incredibly active campus, and amazing opportunities! I work in the office of Campus Life, and a big part of my job is to bring those fun activities to you! Check out some of what we do:

Late Night Movies:
Every Friday night, Campus Life plays a movie in the Student Union Dining Court. From Hangover to Finding Nemo, there’s a genre for every student! We also have free activities during those times. For instance, during Toy Story 3, we provided materials to make friendship bracelets. During RENT, one of our a cappella groups is performing. To make it even better, there are also food specials during our movies! For the Mask there’s a special on green pesto pizza and for Bridesmaids, there’s free wedding cake. There’s an aspect for everyone to enjoy!

Late Night Events:
We also have a series of late night events placed throughout the semester. We have sessions like Jewelry Making, as well as bigger events that we bring to campus such as Haunted Laser Tag! Our events are always free and open to any student!

Annual Events:
On top of all of those, there are activities that we do every year! One of those big events is Winterfest. During Winterfest, we encourage clubs and organizations to put on special events for the students and host some of our own as well. There are things like Disco Night on the Ice, Bear Pride Night, and our formal dance, Snowball. Another annual event is the Welcome Weekend Carnival. For this, student groups staff carnival games in which students can participate and earn tickets for prizes. There’s always free food!

Greek Life:
SUNY Potsdam has very active Greeks! All of our fraternities and sororities strive to be incredibly involved both locally and nationally. They are constantly fundraising and putting on events. One big event that they host is Danceathon, where they raise money for Save the Music Foundation. Participants stay up all night and dance, and there are plenty of things to win along the way!

Leadership Opportunities:
We also focus on bringing leadership to our students. One way we do this is through our Dr. Millard Harmon Leadership Conference every semester. Those who wish to represent their clubs are invited to return to campus a few days early and take advantage of networking, hired speakers, and more! We also co-sponsor Emerging Leaders with the Fund for Potsdam. Emerging Leaders (which I’ve blogged about before) is a group dedicated to cultivating the love of our school and giving back.

Our active campus is a major reason so many of our students love it here – so don’t hesitate to check us out!

Chelsey and friends at Snowball

Chelsey at Disco Night