Posted on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012 at 4:42 pm under Comments

Vince, Class of 2013

Nearly five weeks into the semester and what a busy one it’s been! I’ve piled on three literature classes to cap off my major requirements and am taking a speaking course. They all are challenging work and certainly are flexing those brain muscles. I’m also enrolled in a graduate course that deals with book history and researching in literary archives. The course work is completely self-initiated, the class meets once a week, and I have to read an assigned novel by every class meeting. Even though it seems like a lot, because it sure is, I love it! For fun this semester I’ve been hitting up the bouldering cave and I’m in the process of starting up an all vinyl radio program at the station. Speaking of, Potsdam’s very own campus radio station is up for an MTV Woodie award! We’re in the final running with other collegiate radio stations and are up against universities like Depaul, Pittsburgh, Washington State, and Kansas State. It took plenty of votes to get us into this final list! Winning this award could get us national media recognition and it has been an honor to even be nominated. The winner will be announced on March 15th.  So now with midterms out of the way, I’m enjoying some down time on my break.

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