Posted on Friday, April 20th, 2012 at 9:47 am under Events

Sasha, Class of 2012

Growing up has always been something that to an extent has scared me. But now I’m within weeks from graduating college. It’s a far cry from when I first applied to Potsdam in 2008. It’s just very mind boggling. For those incoming freshman out there, all I can say is that your college years will go by fast. I couldn’t have imagined seeing myself here just four years ago, and yet, here I am in April 2012, a month and a half from Commencement. The finish line is so close. And I have been busy, with two significant papers and a plethora of other work to get done which has made me slightly stressed out. I wish graduating wasn’t so complicated! But I’ll get through it, just as I have the last three years.

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