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Vincent, Class of 2013

Moved back up to Potsdam last Saturday and started class on Monday, getting back into a routine I missed quite a bit. My first class was a web page design class and little did I know but it’s a cross registered graduate course, basically means a graduate material class undergrads can take. I’m used to taking mostly humanities classes so delving into HTML and JavaScript to build websites is going to be an interesting shift in thinking methods. The beauty of undergraduate coursework here at Potsdam is that you don’t have to be any particular major to take a course in another department, just as long as you meet the course prerequisites. Luckily, I took an intro to computing freshman year and was able to bump
up to this computing class.

The first week of classes was filled with excellent on-campus events such as a dorm room essentials sale at the college store, open mic night at Hurley’s nightclub, and a performance from comedian Eric O’Shea last Friday night. The first weekend was also host to First Saturday, a huge block party in the middle of town, that was hosted by both SUNY Potsdam and Clarkson University. There were live bands, local vendors, free sundaes from a local scoop shop, and plenty of students having a good time. Coming up to Potsdam as a Freshman can be a little daunting at times, but the campus and local community do everything possible to make the transition to college life as fun and easy as possible.

With the semester underway, and plenty of homework to keep me busy, I feel right back into the swing of things. This is my senior year and I’m doing an internship at the college library’s archives, an experience I’ll surely chronicle on both this blog and my personal one, taking my second graduate level literature course, and completing an honors thesis. The thesis project will take me to Harvard’s Houghton Library to do archival research on a relatively unknown author by the name of Dr. Thomas William Parsons, a translator of Dante’s “Inferno” few scholars have researched. I can’t wait to blog about that experience and share some pictures of the trip to such a renowned library. This semester has a lot underway and plenty to offer, it feels great to be back.

See you this year on the SUNY Potsdam blogosphere!

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