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Alex, Class of 2013
(original post September 17, 2012)

Hello All!

I apologize that I am just getting around to making this first blog post. Things are quite hectic here in Washington, and I have been staying very busy exploring the city, beginning my internship, and making lots of new friends. I have many things to fill all of you in on, so here I go!:

Mom, Dad and I came down to Washington a few days before I would actually be moving into my apartment. We thought that it would be a good idea to spend some time exploring the city. The first day we were down here, we walked around the neighborhood where my apartment is located.

It just so happens that I live right around the corner from the Capitol! I get to walk by it each day on my way to work. In fact, I get to walk by the Supreme Court and the Library of Congress too. Kind of a nice commute, if you ask me! My office is only about five blocks away, so it makes for a nice walk every morning.

We then spent our second day doing some sight seeing.
We took the metro into Foggy Bottom and explored the area around George Washington University. We walked through much of the National Mall, and saw many of the monuments and memorials. We began at the Lincoln Memorial, and then meandered through and saw everything from the WWII Memorial, to the Vietnam War Memorial, to the Washington Monument.

Finally after a couple of days of exploration, it was time to move into my apartment! I am spending my semester living in a beautiful brownstone right on Capitol Hill. Since we are so close to all of these ‘important’ buildings in Washington, there is always activity. So far, my neighborhood seems great!

When I moved in, I found out that there would be ten other people living in the house with me, most of them being from Illinois.Therefore, when they heard that they could get $4.00 tickets to see the Cubs/Nationals game on Labor Day, they thought we should go. It was my first ever major league baseball game, and it was so much fun!

After we all spent a few days exploring the city and getting to know one another, it was time to begin our internships. I began bright and early on Tuesday, September 4th. When I arrived at the Republican National Committee, I was taken to get my ID (I feel so official!), and then to a brief orientation. During orientation I was able to meet some of the other new interns for the fall semester. There were a few other people from NY, so that was pretty exciting!

Once orientation concluded, we all went off to our respective divisions at the RNC to begin working. I had selected to work in the strategy division. When I arrived they told me I would be working specifically on elections and mapping. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but I soon found out that I would be collecting lots of county-by-county election data, compiling that information, and also using that data for future mapping projects. The first week was a bit slow, as everyone in my office was in the process of returning from the Republican National Convention in Tampa. However, I have stayed consistently busy every since. On the surface, my job does not sound that thrilling, but I am loving it. It is great knowing that the work I am doing really matters. This data is used by many people both as a reference, and as a way of targeting registered voters.

Well, I think that is enough information for the time being. There has been so much going on, and there is no way that I would ever be able to fit it all into this one post! I am excited to be documenting this adventure, and I can’t wait for you to read all about it.

I will be sure to update you all soon!

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