Posted on Thursday, April 25th, 2013 at 10:37 am under Comments

Wilmina, Class of 2015

March was the definition of Madness here on campus!  There were so many things going on!  As spring break drew close, students had been catching their fair share of “spring break fever”.  The campus had been sponsoring a lot of relaxation events and yoga sessions to help ease the tension and stress from exams and deadlines.  Midterm week meant a lot of time in the library for me, both tutoring and being tutored.  I really love the fact our campus offers these services because I’d be so lost without them.   Lately I’ve been participating in a ton of Resident Assistant programs around the residence halls. The last one was the Chubby Bunny competition and it was hilarious!  The programs are awesome to have because students can have small, fun events with students around campus and meet a lot of new people!  I’m really excited for the next one coming up this week.  My building, Bowman East, is having a clothes swap which is fantastic!  It’s like thrift shopping in your neighbor’s closet!  I’m also excited for what the rest of this spring semester will bring!

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