Tom, Director

Welcome to SUNY Potsdam’s blog site!  I’m Tom Nesbitt and have been the Director of Admissions here at SUNY Potsdam for the past 10 years.   My staff is here to serve you, so please let us know what we can do to help you discover all that is uniquely Potsdam.

My Potsdam experience  started in the Admissions Office but has taken me to all corners of the campus and beyond.  I am a member of both the SUNY Enrollment Management Advisory Council and the SUNY Recruitment and Application Services Advisory Committee.  I serve as an adviser for the Men’s Soccer Team and the Delta Lambda Nu Sorority and am an adjunct instructor for public speaking.  And, if you want to see me practice what I preach, come to a basketball game at Maxcy Hall and listen to me give the public address.  I enjoy nothing more than cheering for Da Bears!

We all  come to Potsdam for different reasons.  For some of us it was a job offer in admissions or a letter of acceptance into the archeology department.  For others it was a passed audition or the possibility of playing on the lacrosse team.  But we all stay for the same reasons…the belief in a handcrafted education, the satisfaction that comes from belonging to a community, the serene environment and the ability to positively impact the lives of those we work for and serve with.  And that is uniquely Potsdam.