Posted on Thursday, January 28th, 2010 at 3:59 PM under Did you know?

All of the CTS-managed computers in labs and classrooms are configured to allow for remote management and updating.  As such, they should be left on all the time in case such management is necessary.  When no one is around.  I will frequently address problems from home and can’t do so if a computer I am trying to update is off.  Computers are set to automatically shut down at night and power on in the morning.  Screens are set to go off when no one is using the computer, and hard drives are configured to spin down when not being accessed.  A computer “just sitting there” is using minimal electricity, despite being “on all day”.

The exception to this is if a computer is making unusual noise or is obviously suffering a hardware failure (e.g., it’s on fire)!

Thank you for your cooperation in this!

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