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Embedding video in posting allows you to share video content with your readers and include inline commentary about it. In addition your readers can discuss your commentary and/or the video via comments. While embedding video is made easier by some services like YouTube, the process can be made quicker and easier.

If you’ve enabled the “Embedded Video with Link” plugin in the Plugins page you can quickly and easily embed video into your blog posts/pages. If you use the visual editor, you should see the following icon in the formatting barEmbedded Video Icon. If you use the code editing view, keep reading to see what special tag you can use to display your videos.

If you wanted to post a YouTube video, as I have below, you would only need to know the unique YouTube video id of the video you wish to display. This can be found at the end of the link to a YouTube video. In the case of the video below, the link is The unique YouTube id in this case is v7opoq9nP54. So in order to display this video I simply have to paste that link into the ‘Insert Video ID’ field if I were using the visual mode tool, or if I were in code mode, type the following [youtube v7opoq9nP54].

A complete list of all the video services suppported in code mode is available here. Below is the example video from Google posted on YouTube included via the Embedded Video with Link plugin.

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