Admin View Overview

Below is a quick overview of the various tabs that you may see, depending on your user role, in the management interface for your blog.


  • Dashboard
  • Write
  • Manage
  • Blogroll
  • Presentation
  • Plugins
  • Users
  • Options


The dashboard view provides a portal to the rest of the blog administration pages.


  • Quick links
  • Latest activity (posts, comments, etc.)
  • WordPress feed – News about developments in the WordPress community.


The writing view allows authors to create blog posts and pages. If a page/post is saved it can be previewed during the editing process in an editing pane below the composition pane.


  • Posts: Search/Browse/View/Edit/Delete posts
  • Pages: Search/View/Edit/Delete pages
  • Uploads: View all uploads and then click to edit
  • Categories: Define category relationships, rename, delete, etc.
  • Comments: Search comments/View/Mass edit
  • Awaiting Moderation: Comments queued for moderation
  • Import/Export: Import/Export blog entries


The blogroll is a set of links to other blogs or sites that you often read/visit and think others should as well. The blogroll view allows you to add, mass import, or delete blogroll links.


  • Theme: Select the visual theme your site will use to display content
  • Sidebar Widgets: Customize the content/behavior of your theme’s sidebar with widgets


See the Plugins page for more information


Manage users and their access rights in relation to the blog.


Configure how the blog behaves