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Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

In addition to the news sources (mainly U.S. origin) available through the news search options on the “Newspaper Search” page of the library’s website, there are ways to get foreign-language news reports, and English translations of foreign news sources. Among the options:

  • “BBC Monitoring” reports are English translations of foreign broadcast news. Go to “Periodical Title Search” on the library website, and type in “BBC Monitoring.”
  • Lexis-Nexis includes “Major World Publications (non-English)” as one of its search categories. To find news reports in foreign languages, search using terms from that language
  • Also check out “Today’s Front Pages” – from 600 newspapers around the world.
Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

First we’d like to thank everyone who participated in the College Library Digital Sign Survey held in Crumb Lobby April 22-27, 2009. We had a spectacular number of respondents (83 of you). We are very grateful for the many thoughtful and creative suggestions we received.

Second we’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Photo-Story Project (34 of you). Your photos and quotes and all the digital sign slides can be seen on the web version of the College Library’s digital signs. Access from on-campus only.

We made a video of the Photo-Story Project which you can view on YouTube:

What are your favorite things about the College Libraries? If you would like to have your photo taken and added to the Photo-Story Project it’s not too late! Or if you just have a suggestion about our digital signs, contact us: Keith Compeau or Marianne Hebert

Third we’d like to thank those of you who didn’t have time to participate. You were all very courteous about declining our invitation, but firm. We appreciate that you know where your priorities are (i.e. working, studying and going to class).

Here is a summary of the survey results:

49% of you reported learning something from the digitals signs. This makes us happy:

    14% Library Resources
    8% Reference assistance
    8% Time/Weather
    6% Library Services
    5% Facts
    5% Campus
    5% Jokes
    3% Events
    2% Building
    2% Chat Ref
    2% Computers
    2% Hours

See the entire survey results HERE including all the comments and suggestions from survey participants.

Based on your feedback, here is what we plan to do:

#1 suggestion: Campus events and activities
It would be a LOT of work to recreate the campus events calendars, but we think it may be possible to use .rss feeds to pull calendar events, SPW and campus news into the library’s digital signs. We will work on it.

Create more facts slides
Suggestions included adding quotes, facts and general knowledge, facts about the college, study tips, and slides that highlight achievements of students, faculty and staff. This would be fairly easy to implement, and we will start adding such content immediately.

US and world news
This would best be accomplished using an .rrs feed to a news page such as CNN. We will try.

Maps of the Library
We will work on creating floor plans that include where collections, study spaces and resources such as computers are located.

Library resources
Suggestions included information about our holdings, highlight interesting and unusual books and databases, and information about research assistance. We consider this to be important information too. It is at the top of our to do list.

New books
Several of you asked for information on new library materials. This will be easy and fun to do. Did you know we have a “New Books” list in BearCat?

More information about library services
Several of you suggested we highlight services such as Interlibrary Loan, Archives, Consultations, Study spaces, Computing and Circulation policies. We will add more content about our services.

Fix the clock
We know it is not very readable, but it is more accurate than the wall clocks in Crumb Library. We’ve been trying to fix it so it is easier to read. We will keep trying.

Several of you requested more jokes and humor. Are libraries funny? We think they can be. We will create more humorous slides.

Why do we have a Digital Sign?
For those of you who questioned why we have the digital signs, it is part of the campus-wide emergency notification system. Read more about the Campus Digital Signage system here.