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Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

An announcement from our archivist Jane Subramanian:

I wanted to share the good news that Northern New York Library Network has completed digitizing the full run of our campus student newspaper The Racquette from 1927 when it began through May 2009. They accomplished the digitizing from the microfilm version that was just created in January for longterm preservation. We will continue to house the print originals and one copy of the microfilm in the College Archives.

The digital version is now available online at Northern New York Library Network’s Northern New York Historical Newspapers website. It is keyword searchable, which should give everyone much better access than we have ever had. Hopefully this will help those who need better access: campus projects in offices, research projects for faculty and students, and enjoyment/informational needs for alumni.

The direct link is at

You can also view it as part of NNYLN’s entire website covering historical newspapers in the North Country, with the web address at as well – mousing over St. Lawrence County brings up the list – it is entered under “Racquette” in the alphabetical string.
Current issues are also available online through the work of the Racquette office at